Presentation Materials (14th Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum )


Keynote Lecture

UNEP and Cities in Asia

Keith Alverson, Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)International Environmental Technology Centre

Session1  Bridging Kawasaki and Asia through SDGs

SDGs Future City Initiatives Toward Sustainable Revitalization

Tsuyoshi Fujita, Director, Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies(NIES);and Appointed Professor,Tokyo Institute of Technology

City-level SCP Initiatives towards SDG

Chiu, Shun Fung,University Fellow, Industrial Engineering, De La Salle University, Philippines

Urban Symbiosis as Innovative Actions for SDGs

Hung-Suck Park,Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Affect of the activating Smartclty business in Asia to the global warming

Hisakazu Okamura,Prof. Urban Innovation, Vice president for International affairs, Asia University

Taking an Integrated Approach to the SDGs in Asia Opportunities and Challenges

Eric Zusman,Research Director, Sustainability Governance Centre, The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Session2 Environmental Technology to Help Achieve SDGs

Planning of Eco-City Green Technologies in Province Wellesley Penang Malaysia

Phee Boon Poh,Minister of Welfare, Caring Society and Environment,Penang State Government, Malaysia

Environmental Technologies to Help Achieve SDGs

Thit Sinn,Committee Member, Cleansing Department, Mandalay City Development Committee,Mandalay City, Myanmar

Waste-to-Energy business in Southeast Asia

Yoshiro Abe,Managing Director, Overseas Business Division, Environmental Solutions Sector, JFE Engineering Corporation

Contribution to SDGs by using ICT

Tsuyoshi Horinouchi,Assistant General Manager, Supply Chain Management Unit Total Quality Management Division, NEC Corporation

Session3 Environmental Education and Learning to Achieve SDGs

Methods and Achievements of Atmospheric Controlling in Shenyang

Sun Changhao,Deputy Chief Section Staff, Shenyang Environmental Monitoring and Complaint Center,China

The Overview of Waste Managegent Issues Related to Bandung City’s Smart City Concept

Hery Antasari.ST.M.Dev.Plg,Head of Bandung City’s Development Planning and Research Agency Bandung City, Indonesia

Inviting Citizens to Waste Management Experience of Phnom Penh

Ran Yagasa,Researcher, IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies,Institute for Global Environemtal Strategies

Compact Portable Distribution Type Purification Plant and Environmental Education

Yuichi Katsuura,President,Nippon Basic Co.,Ltd.

Environmental Education for Primary School Children Towards Building a Sustainable Society

Hitoshi Takei,President,Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Act Kawasaki.